XLFN Consulting

Management, Project Management and Data Science Solutions

XLFN Consulting offers management, project management and data science talent solutions.

We source individuals with excellent resume backgrounds and credentials and augment any skill and experience gaps through proprietary mentoring services increasing your on-boarding and effort success rate.

Hiring the right person is difficult and interview screening for the necessary skills is almost impossible. We support our associates with intensive and proprietary third party activity-level mentoring services to better ensure their success and your satisfaction.

If you are considering hiring a manager, project manager or data scientist, our program is the best. Onboard our candidates knowing they will be supported with activity support and mentoring preventing you from having those difficult conversations associated with staff being over their head and all alone.

There is no company or department too large or small to benefit from our augmented talent placement services. There isn't a safer, more cost-effective way to hire a manager, project manager or data scientist.

Contact us today at Recruiting@XLFNconsulting.com.